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Imagine this scenario: A person works tirelessly for months, perhaps years, skillfully translating an important work, only to discover that someone else has been doing the same. Muslim Publishing Network hopes to bring people involved in all level of publishing together. Through having a strong network, not only can we solve the problem of duplication but we can work together to improve the standard of Muslim publishing worldwide. Please join our network!


Madressah LifeMadrasah Life: " It is a gem. No, it is the jewel in the crown! Of course it actually is - I fell in love with the book the minute I began reading it. Ghalib and Sahih al-Bukhari all in the same breath! Who wouldn't love this book? This book will stand on its own merits." Shaykh Yusuf Talal Delorenzo

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Join the Network PictureIf you are a publisher, author, translator, editor, designer, indexer, proofreader, printer, calligrapher, photographer, novelist, bookbinder or related to the publishing world in any other way, please join our network.